VS-631 Arch (4th Year – 1st Semester – 2017)

This semester will be extensive mix of 2D and 3D medium using Revit Architecture and Photoshop and exercises will lead to one complete and comprehensive project at the end of semester. This may also followed by an external jury for assessment for quality of work produced with reference to digital medium subject to availability of… Read More VS-631 Arch (4th Year – 1st Semester – 2017)

Communication Skills -3rd Years 2nd Semester

During this semester we will explore more possibilities from AutoCAD apart from drafting which includes AutoCAD 3D Modelling and creating a physical model from digital information. For our first assignment we will first investigate and prepare the originally designed STC building by Ecochard and will propose the building preservation in it original form. This exercise… Read More Communication Skills -3rd Years 2nd Semester